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Our technical install expert here at Infidelity...

Keith is Infidelity’s IT expert out on the road. As technology takes hold in almost all corners of our life, the world of AV is certainly no exception. It doesn't have to be complex but when it is he's there to keep things on the straight and narrow.

The set-up of many a system is pivotal – security, reliability and usability are all key. It's all very well having a fancy lighting and home automation system but if it's hideously complicated it rather defeats the object! Keith is the master, ensuring all these points are met as the install progresses. System control is of course one of his specialities.

Naturally he has a system at home - but it's not there for the automation of blinds or dimming of lights...It's a traditional two channel stereo that resides in the living room. A Sun-Ra fan too!

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