Music & movies - ah the choices. Here at Infidelity we cater for all whether you are a music lover or a film buff....or both!

Have a read here about the world of HiFi & Cinema and take a look at a few examples of our installs. If this whets your appetite have a scroll through our brands and blog then give us a call should you want to experience what musical and movie delights we can tempt you with! Enjoy.


The world of Music


Music is at the heart of what we do....obviously! With there being so many choices - on demand streaming, music on the go, movies - you might think traditional 'stereo' was dead.

Think again. 2 channel systems are very much alive and well! In fact never more so. If you fancy integrating streamed music into you system - great. If you're after a CD-based system - no problems! Vinyl? Step this way......

Streaming is a big part of the 2 channel experience these days. Don't be fooled into thinking this means a limited, underwhelming 'compressed music' style experience though. Think of streaming as the replacement for you CD player. In fact, think of it as a potential step up in performance as we start to gain access to the world of hi-resolution music via various online services and even record labels. Worry not though, we still have some great CD players for you should you need!

Vinyl - who'd have thought's very much back in the spotlight. Not that we ever really saw a decline in record player sales here at Infidelity but we've definitely seen an increase in interest over the last few years! Everything from vinyl 'first-timers' to many a deck being pulled out of retirement and given a good old service.

The record deck is very much alive and well and taking a front row seat in many a customer's system.

We have a vast array of brands at Infidelity and a demonstration room in which you can settle down for a listen with your favourite music. Our team will help build the perfect system for you. Everyone has different requirements and aspirations when it comes to their music collection. That's why we are here. Come and say hi.


Movie Action


The world of cinema. The big screen - projection, 4k, OLED - options, options. We can certainly help you out. Whether you're after dipping your toe into the surround sound experience or you're craving the ultimate in what we have to offer, a truly immersive experience awaits.

With a vast range of manufacturers available to us and our experience in the industry, we can design and integrate the perfect cinema into your home. Need to add 'a little something' to your everyday television watching? Maybe a high-end sound bar might be a good option or if your hifi happens to be in the same room integrating that will bring a significant improvement in performance to the soundtrack of whatever you may be watching.

Then it's time to step it up a bit. From hidden projectors to in-wall subwoofers we have it covered. Have a little explore through our choice of brands below and then come and have a chat to see how we can put together a system that exceeds your expectations for those nights in with the popcorn!