Founded in 1938 Stax have been around for a while. This Japanese company are known for their ‘Earspeakers’ described as your own ‘personal electrostatic speakers’. Infidelity has been a Stax stockist for a fair few years too….but obviously not quite since 1938! We have a few of their models here on demonstration for you to try. They have a delightfully engaging sound, and should be experienced.

Treat your ears to the SRM-006tS vacuum tube output energiser & SR-L700 earspeaker combination on demo!

A word from Stax...

STAX electrostatic earspeakers are widely used throughout the world by discerning audiophiles, professional musicians, and recording companies to enjoy and monitor sound. This is because of the superb sonic quality of STAX electrostatic earspeakers. Please audition STAX electrostatic earspeakers. We are confident that they represent the ultimate in musical clarity and sonic transparency.

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