It must be something about the Salisbury air that just results in product after product from this great company proving a success. Naim Audio, to give them their full title, have been manufacturing hi-fi components since the early days of 1969 and have managed to distill their processes to produce some stunning bits of kit.

Coming from a two-channel beginning, they prove a great company from which to build a quality CD or Vinyl based system. From this, upgrade paths are always available allowing you to build a ‘system for life’ - a philosophy Naim are rightly proud of.

Naim are also leaders in the field of music streaming - there’s a vast array of options on offer. Seamless smartphone & tablet controls put your entire music collection at your fingertips along with useful features such as Tidal, Google Chromecast & Spotify integration alongside Bluetooth (aptX) connectivity for convenience.

Music can reach all corners of your home through anything from Naim’s wonderful little wireless music systems - The ‘Mu-so’ or maybe something a little more muscular from Uniti series to XS, Classic or even the mighty 500 series. An enormous selection of Naim equipment is on demonstration so please book an appointment to satisfy your curiosity!

A word from Naim Audio...

No matter how vanishingly low we’ve managed to make distortion and jitter or how well we’ve controlled power supply noise and interference, we will always make our final judgement on a product in the listening room. Every component has to earn its place.

When we listen it’s not just for technical competencies. It’s about being able to forget that you’re listening to hi-fi at all and becoming immersed in a complete experience, feeling all the emotion that the artist intended when they first created the music.

Unlike most other consumer electronics, Naim products are not designed to be replaced in three to four years. Buying a Naim product is an investment in many years of incredible musical experiences. It’s a choice to make music a central part of your life.

We can still repair almost every product we’ve ever made in our service and restoration department. The skilled technicians there are some of our most experienced, with the know-how to breathe life into classic Naim equipment. They regularly restore some of the first hi-fi products we ever made, ready to provide another 30 years of musical enjoyment to their owners.

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