Today Naim has introduced the successor to 2015's outstanding Mu-so wireless speaker.

Whilst the external design is only a gentle rework of the familiar looks of the original, internally the Mu-so 2 has been nmassively re-designed.

The streaming card is derived from the ND and Uniti series network players in Naim's HiFi ranges, with massively improved DSP processing power and wifi systems. The drive units were co-developed by Naim & Focal, and the Mu-so gains Google Chromecast and an HDMI ARC socket for use with TVs.

All of the extra facilities are welcome, but when we plugged one in late yesterday evening and gave it a listen, that's what made us really smile. The old Mu-so is good, and still a standard bearer.... This one though.... well, come along and listen for yourself.

The Mu-so 2nd generation is on demo right now, and available to buy.