Tellurium Q® was born out of a discussion in a music studio. The exotic location…..? Somerset here in The UK! Since its release Tellurium Q® has been present here at Infidelity.

This range of speaker cables, interconnects and power cables has proven tremendously popular with many of our discerning customers. They are a great match for many of our other product ranges so naturally we have a selection of their cables on demonstration. Come and try them for yourself.

A word from Tellurium...

One afternoon at a recording studio in Somerset, Geoff Merrigan, who was there because he was the studio’s business advisor, started a conversation with the studio owner and a technical electronics expert. There was a bold claim that the cables were causing problems in recording quality. Both the studio owner and Geoff took the stand point that a cable is just a cable and all it needs to do is transmit a signal and enough power, end of story, surely?

An hour later after discussing the fundamentals of signal transfer theoretically in a standard cable’s construction and why exactly that caused problems. it made absolute sense and Tellurium Q® was born on a leap of faith.

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