German based hi-fi support and furniture manufacturer Spectral really are at the top of the ’support’ game. Offering cutting edge design, their products add the finishing touch to any audio visual system installation.

The colour options are virtually infinite - pick an option that works for you and your home from the ‘paint chart style’ colour swatch book here at the shop. Feel free to also pick up one of their comprehensive brochures (it’s very thick!) and start building your ideal support system today.

A word from Spectral...

Spectral Audio Möbel GmbH was founded in 1994 by the brothers Frank, Heiko and Markus Krämer. The founders attribute the secret to their success with two sayings their father passed on to them: „Schaffe, net schwätze." (Work, don't talk) and „Mach's so oifach wie meglich. Kompliziert wird's von alloi." (Make it as easy as possible, things become complicated on their own).

In other words: That renowned Swabian diligence and a design known for its high degree of functionality are virtues that today are still at the very top of the list at Spectral.

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