An incredibly versatile cable manufacturer covering pretty much every conceivable need when it comes to connecting anything to anything!

AudioQuest was started in 1980 so it’s got a few years of experience in the marketplace. HDMI, ethernet, analogue interconnects, digital interconnects, speaker cables - the list goes on and on.

They also manufacture a very neat & compact high performance series of USB DAC's called the ‘Dragonfly’ that allows you to get excellent audio out of your laptop, which can then be connected to your headphones or indeed a line out into your stereo amplifier.

A word from Audioquest...

AudioQuest has been the largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest is sold in several hundred outlets in the US and in over sixty countries. Bill is especially pleased that this success has been possible despite his insistence that the foundation of the company, and the foundation of AudioQuest marketing, must be the performance of the product. In the audio world, many professionals have learned that it is not always convenient to listen to the products they sell … they might learn something they don’t want to know! Bill has always understood the challenge of basing the existence of AudioQuest on the performance of the product. However, to Bill, this is the only reasonable way to do business and the only acceptable way to combine his passion for music (and all things high performance), with his need to make a living.

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