Artison really is a useful company to have available to us when designing a custom installation for our clients. Some clever designs allow us to bring a touch of cinema to your home in a very discreet manner through their soundbars, neat surround channel satellite speakers and the tiny little new 'Nano' subwoofer!

Thier in-ceiling self-contained speakers compliment their soundbars and 'LCR' speaker range perfectly, completing that 'hidden' home cinema solution.

A word from Artison...

Artison was formed in 2003 by Cary Christie, a leading speaker designer and former co-founder and President of Infinity Systems. In founding Artison, Christie is pushing speaker technology to the limit in his quest for the perfect synthesis of performance, innovation and discrete audio integration in the 21st century home or office.

Artison with its patented DualMono® centre channel technology takes a giant leap forward in attaching high quality audio to video sources. The result is superb audio performance with total visual integration.

Artison continues to expand its impressive range of discrete audio visual speaker products with exciting and innovative market leading solutions.

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