Having just recently put Linn's Selekt on demonstration at Infidelity, we are now pleased to share the fact that Linn have increased the flexibility even further with Surround Sound options.

Whether you are perfectly happy with 2 channel stereo, or have a hankering to take a 5.1 surround sound through to the next level, but with a minimal box-count, the remarkably flexible Linn Selekt can be configured to give you the "Linn sound" but to suit your needs.

The surround-enabled variants will support 5.1 in Dolby TrueHD & DTS Master Audio formats, with the same standard or Katalyst DAC options as their 2-channel brethren.

If you love the way a Selekt sounds in stereo, but yearn to keep that same performance for the full movie experience, this flexibility caters perfectly to that aim.