The customer had previously purchased a B&W Panorama soundbar from us to improve their tv & movie viewing experience. On the music side of things, they had a Naim Olive Series system that they wanted to upgrade. This was located away from the TV room -  elsewhere in the house, but upon discussion they pointed out that it wasn't getting the use it should be. It was decided that as the TV room was being renovated, the Naim system could make the move from its old location to here with the speakers being placed either side of the TV. These - like the Naim Olive Series equipment would benefit from an upgrade and so this was taken into consideration as part of the install. The customer sourced their preferred choice of furniture in which we would house the equipment. As the redecoration drew to a close we could start on the install. Once the TV was on the wall, the B&W soundbar quickly followed.
In addition to upgrading the Naim equipment, we also installed a new set of speakers. After listening to a few options, the PMC Twenty.23's fitted the bill perfectly. With these setup and wired in the main room installation was complete and we could move on to the other rooms where the customer had requested their music collection be accessible.
So - onto the hifi. As mentioned, the client wished to upgrade their Naim Olive Series equipment. With this came the transition into the world of streaming. The customer chose a Naim HDX server to sit at the heart of the system then complimented it with a 152/155XS pre/power amplifier combination. The HDX would allow them to rip all their CDs onto its hard drives and in the process then make them available on the home network. This opened up the possibility of multiroom audio.
The customer had shown an interest in listening to their music elsewhere in the home and so we offered up a few ideas. Naim UnitiQutes fitted the bill perfectly, giving us a streamer & amplifier in one box. These 'half width' components were located in both the kitchen & the dining room. Their size suited the kitchen in particular where it was required to be installed under the kitchen cupboards. It fitted beautifully along with a set of ceiling mounted Focal Dome speakers. The customer was really getting into the idea of distributed audio and asked if it was possible to add a further set of speakers to cover the conservatory area. As this was in close proximity to the dining room, there was little point in adding yet another independent zone. Instead, we connected Naim's great little NAP100 power amplifier up to the UnitiQute bringing music to the space via a pair of B&W 600 series speakers.