Increasingly these days the home is becoming ever smarter, sleeker & dare we say it....cleverer. Music and movies are obviously a big part of what we do here at Infidelity but there's often more to an install than meets the eye.

'Distribution' is an area of interest for may of our clients. The ability to have all of your music & movies centrally located and accessible across the home is very appealing. Satallite TV, the DVD collection, your music library - you name it, it can be available to you in as many rooms as you like.

Ease of control comes up a lot too. Some people love to have a classic 'remote', and for some systems this is the easiest and simplest way to give you control. Then again, with tablets and smartphones in many peoples hands these days they invariably become the 'go-to' method of control for your smart home. The choice is yours.