A stunningly clever home entertainment solution arrives on demo here at the shop. Throw pretty much anything at it - analogue sources, digital music files, movies - it's got it covered. The idea behind this product is to provide the home with a multimedia hub that satisfies all your needs. Internal storage is the ideal location to catalogue all your media. Music, movies, photos - it's all possible. Hard to believe, but feed it some analogue audio and it'll jump on the net and attempt to download the associated metadata! Artist, track names.....very clever indeed.
Built-in power amplifiers allow you to select your choice of speakers to run straight off the Plato and if that isn't enough, it'll act as a server on your network to allow you to access your music (and any other stored media) across your home.
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A word from Plato
Plato is a one box, home entertainment solution that combines hifi amplification with the ability to record from both analogue and digital sources, such as vinyl, tapes and CD’s. Enjoy listening to your precious collections played through Plato’s own stunning high performance amplifier
Once recorded and stored on Plato’s internal hard drive, music of the highest quality can then either be played locally to wired speakers, or streamed to a range of wireless satellite speaker systems via the home wifi network.
Import all of your favourite movies via USB and then stream them simultaneously to smart tv’s and tablets anywhere in your home.
Use Plato’s front panel touch screen control app, or download the Android or IOS tablet or mobile phone app to operate your Plato system from anywhere in your home, with ease.
Other features include searchable internet radio stations, personalised playlists, hi res music downloads, video collections/series with bookmark support. Receive automatic feature enhancements and updates as they are released.
Plato…a sound investment to connect, store and share all of your family’s media collections.