We have just added a very special speaker to our demonstration lineup. The Sopra range is the latest offering from the established French manufacturer, Focal.

Settling on the floorstanding option, our Sopra No2's arrived this week and made their way onto the shop floor. Hitesh jumped straight to it and had them out of the boxes within minutes. It has to be said they are one of the easiest high-end speakers to unbox. Thanks for thinking of us there Focal!

Focal pride themselves on technical innovation. With this range they introduce us to some lovely acronyms - IHL (infinate horn loading), NIC (neutral inductance circuit), & TMD (tuned mass damper). The IHL concerns itself with correctly 'loading' the tweeter. The NIC & TMD technology comes into play on the midrange & bass driver units. Each of these, should you want to gen up, is explained nicely on Focal's website.

From the off we know what we have here is a very special speaker. We look forward to demo'ing them to our existing customers who have been awaiting their arrival....and hopefully some new ones too! Do get in contact and arrange a time to come and hear them for yourself.

Focal - true to form - offer some stunning finishes. Take your pick from what you see here. As tempting as the 'Electric Orange' was, we plumped for the 'Carrara White'.