So here we are. Finally the 'D3' range of B&W's top 800 Diamond series has been unleashed - and it's had quite a makeover. Gone are the iconic yellow kevlar midrange units and in come the new 'Continuum Cones'. The bass is now taken care of by the 'Aerofoil' drivers and the Marlan composite head is replaced by the all-aluminium 'Turbine Head'. This is all before we get to the new cabinet construction, the redesigned tweeter housing...we could go on. To quote B&W: "We've introduced a few changes. Eight hundred and sixty-eight of them, to be exact".

The range comprises of the 805, 804, 803 & 802 D3 speakers with the HTM1 & HMT2 available should you need a choice of centre channels. Officially launched to the press in early September with our very own Simon in attendance, we eagarly await our demonstration stock! Simon was, apparently, knocked out by the step-change in performance of each of the new models. Stay tuned for an update and undoubtedly a few more musings on this highly anticipated range.

Here's a link to B&W's write up on the launch event at their factory in Worthing - B&W's 800 D3 series press launch.

B&W - This Changes Everything